Infrastructural Development


The KVK is having a well-equipped agricultural farm of 12.0 ha which is covered by the latest variety/technology of various crops for the demonstration to the farmers. All effort has been made to maintain some of the salt tolerant germ plasm of sesbania, paddy, barley, wheat, gram, sugarcane, vegetables, flowers, aromatic and medicinal plant, fodder crops and others.

Orchard / Agro - forestry

1.0 ha area is under orchard and 1.0 ha area is under agro-forestry. The acreage is mainly dominated by the Guava, Aonla & Bael in orchard & Eucalyptus & Acacia are under agro forestry for salt stress condition.

Plant Nursery

The KVK has developed the plant nursery (Mist chamber, Agro net, poly house, low tunnel) with one mother block of Aonla & Guava for the trainees to impart the technical knowledge as well as to provide good quality healthy seedling of the vegetable, flower and fruits.


District Pratapgarh has a good number of ponds and water bodies. There is a good potential in fish farming. Viewing a good opportunity in fish farming KVK has developed a fisheries demonstration unit in 1.0 ha. area to train the farmers.

Vermi Compost

The KVK has established a vermi compost unit to demonstrate the vermi composting process to farmers/trainees. Application of vermi compost decreases the consumption of chemical fertilizers as well as improves soil texture, structure, water holding capacity and above all increases biological activities. As well as NADEP units (05), CPP (01) and two vermiwash and two liquid organic insecticide unit (neem based) also established.


A model demonstration units (Kroiler, Layer, Japanies quail, Trkey, Gini fouls etc) to suit the small growers has been establishing by the organization. Vocational training of poultry farming started by the organization has got good popularity among the farmers. Few farmers has started their own poultry under the technical guidance of the KVK.

Agriculture Technology Information Centre (ATIC)

The KVK has started an unique single window system for the farmers at the center under the banner of Agriculture Technology Information Centre popularly known as ATIC. Under this system farmers are coming with their different problems related with crop production, fruit, vegetable, flower production & plant protection. The concern scientist/technical person provides the best possible solution to the farmers. The ATIC is also providing the technical guidance to the farmers considering their constraints to get the maximum return.

Fruit Processing Training Centre

A Fruit Processing Training Center is also running by the organization. The FPTC was stared with the financial support of Ministry of Fruit Processing, New Delhi. The center is organizing the vocational training programme for the rural youth to impart the technical skill so that they may start their career in fruit industry or may start their own production unit.

Quality Control Laboratory

Krishi Vigyan Kendra has established a Quality Control Laboratory with the help of Ministry of Food Processing Industries (MFPI), New Delhi. The operation of the laboratory has started and we are testing the quality of food products.

Soil Testing Laboratory

The Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) has kindly granted a Soil Testing Laboratory to test the fertility of soil and the farmers of the district are gaining this facility.


The vocational training on Bee-Keeping for rural youth is also conducted by the organization. A demonstration unit of Bee-Keeping has been developed to impart the technical as well as practical knowledge.

Dairy Unit

A model demonstration unit of cows has been established to suit the small and marginal farmers by the organization. Vocational training of dairy farming started by the organization has got good popularity among the farmers. Few farmers have started their own dairy under the technical guidance of the KVK.

Milk Collection Centre

Krishi Vigyan Kendra has started Milk Collection Centre to facilitate marketing opportunities to our trained milk producers who has started his dairy.

Seed Production Programme

The availability of pure and good quality seed on appropriate time is always a major constraint to the farmers. To over come this problem KVK has implemented a seed production programme at the farmer’s field.

Agri-Clinic & Agri Business Centre

National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management (MANAGE), Hyderabad has recognized this KVK as Agri clinic & Agri Business Training Centre to trained the agriculture graduates to develop agri based enterprises by engaging unemployed agri graduates.

Raksha Vaccination Centre

Krishi Vigyan Kendra has established a Raksha Vaccination Centre to provide vaccination facility for animals in association with The National Dairy Development Board (NDDB), Anand, Gujrat.

V-SAT Setup / Lab

Krishi Vigyan Kendra has established a V-SAT Setup/ Lab to provide linkage facility for KVKs in India with the help of ERNET, India for e-linkage and High-speed wireless connectivity among KVKs and other organizations/institutions association with Indian Council of Agriculture Research (ICAR), New Delhi.

High Density Orchard



Emu Farming